Why work with Rechtstreex?

  • Super fresh! Our produce is locally grown, seasonal, and not stored for weeks on end with a middle man. As quickly as possible the veggies move from the land to your kitchen. 
  • Good relationships. We speak on a regular basis with our farmers and producers. Because of our close contact, we can move fast, provide tailored advice and anticipate on special requests and other ideas. 
  • Transparent food chain. As a chef, you know exactly where your products come from and who produced them. As an entrepreneur, you can easily communicate this with your customers. On our website, we share information that is accessible for all parties at all times. 
  • You support the local economy and contribute to the biodiversity of this region. Joining our network helps local farmers and producers to exercise their work in a sustainable manner, with attention to nature, while growing and strengthening their businesses.  

For an impression of our product range, visit this page.

Practical information

Order before Mondays 1:30 pm, receive your order on Wednesdays. 
Order before Wednesdays 1:30 pm, receive your order on Fridays.

- orders min. €300 p/w (min. €150 p/order) Horeca Start ±6%                                       
- orders min. €600 p/w (min. €300 p/order) Horeca Basis ± 12%
- orders min. €900 p/w (min. €450 p/order) Horeca Premium ± 14%

Ordering is at all times without obligations: no weekly subscription and no minimum order amount. For orders below €300 weekly, the discount is not applicable. Delivery charges within Rotterdam are 7,50. 

Interested in working together or any other questions? Send an e-mail to rotterdam.horeca@rechtstreex.nl