Rechtstreex makes it possible to buy your groceries from local farmers, growers and producers. Ordering is done online and you collect what you've ordered from a wijkchef at a pickup point in your neighbourhood. There's no membership fee or subscription and it's up to you how much and what you'd like to order.

You're not only buying the best products from this region, you're also part of building the most direct, local, fair and social food system possible. We know our local producers personally and this makes it possible for you to know them too! We think fair and transparent pricing is very important, and that's why our farmers determine the price of their products, to which we add a fixed margin: for every euro you spend with us, 56 cents goes to the farmer. In addition, because every product in our webshop is linked to a supplier, you can read about where your food comes from and how it is produced. Finally, we choose to be present in neighbourhoods so that our pickup points also really build on the local social fabric!

How do I order from Rechtstreex?

1. Weekly newsletter from your wijkchef + placing your order

Every week, you'll receive a newsletter from your wijkchef with what's on offer for the coming week. In the newsletter there is a personalised link with which you can place an order. In our webshop you can order as much or as little as you like and you can also skip a week. After you select your pick-up or delivery time, submit your order and please check if you've received our confirmation email. Here you can find our wijkchefs, please subscribe to the newsletter of the wijkchef in your neighbourhood!

2. We send your order to our farmers

After the ordering deadline, we combine all customer orders and put them through to our farmers so so they can get to work harvesting and preparing the orders. 

3. Your wijkchef prepares your order

The products arrive at your pick-up point within two or three days and the wijkchef separates them out into individual customer orders. All that's left for you is to come and collect what you've purchased. Bring your own bag with you, as well as any recyclables such as bottles and eggboxes for reuse.

4. Pay afterwards

We don't ask for payment in advance because your order isn't complete until it's been delivered and weighed out at the pick-up point. You can pay for your shopping when you collect it, either by card or by direct debit, or you'll be sent an invoice requesting payment.

5. Enjoy the taste of local produce

Order from the farmers and producers who live and work in this region and taste the difference.